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About Softwash NQ

Softwash NQ is Mackay’s premier home and business external cleaner.

At Softwash, we have a unique understanding of Mackay’s tropical climate and know how rapidly the humidity can ruin our driveways, fences, and gutters. We knew friends and family who continually needed to repaint or remove mould with harsh chemicals. We knew there had to be a better way. The Softwash system is a perfect solution: saving time, money, effort, and the environment. And, so Softwash NQ was born.

We are a small, born and bred Mackay business who offers 100% customer satisfaction. Our clients’ positive reactions when they see the quality outcome of our service brighten any day.

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Full-service Cleaning

At Softwash NQ, we offer a full range of domestic and commercial cleaning services. We are approved NDIS and My Aged Care service providers and offer house cleaning and external cleaning packages.

Concrete Cleaning

We can pressure-wash and seal any concrete surface. Perfect for driveways, footpaths, patios, median strips and more.

Gutter Cleaning

Maximise water flow and keep your gutters and water tanks hygienically clean with our gutter cleaning service.

External Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning service covers office buildings, commercial sheds, workshop floors, and more.

Roof Cleaning

Let us clean and seal your roof on the same day! Tiles or colourbond, you can’t go wrong with Softwash NQ.

Solar Panels

Get the most out of your solar panels and clear your roof of debris simultaneously with this service.

Carpets & Furniture

Commercial or Domestic. Exit clean or spring clean. Our carpet cleaning service can be tailored to suit any need.


What is softwash?

Softwash is a method of cleaning that is not only effective but friendly to your home, products, family, and the environment.

Our system uses a specially designed Softwash / pressure wash system and a combination of agents, degreases and disinfectants that remove mould, grease and biomatter from your home or workplace. By effectively removing these harmful materials, you will be getting longevity out of your assets.

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The benefits of softwashing

Safe for the whole family, no harsh chemicals or residue.
Adds longevity to your home or business building
Soft on paint and lacquer.


Who do we service?

We offer our service to any workplace or private residence within a 200km radius of the Mackay city centre. We are NDIS, and My Aged Care approved providers and can tailor our services to suit those clients.

All Softwash NQ team members have Working at Heights and Responsible Handling of Chemicals licences, so they are readily available to go onto any worksite.

After-hours and weekend services are available upon request.

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Why choose Softwash NQ?

Safe for the whole family

COVID approved cleaning provider

Environmentally friendly

Less damaging than pressure washing

Locally owned and operated

Responsive, Reliable and Flexible

No obligation quoting available

Specialising in exterior commercial cleaning


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