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About Softwash NQ

Softwash NQ was founded in 2015 when Carl was a casual employee of the company. A year or so after coming on board, that owner wanted to move on, but Carl saw the business’s potential and took the reins.

Since launching into business ownership, Carl has invested more time and effort into growing the client base and turning Softwash NQ from a driveway and gutter cleaning business into a full-scale cleaning operation. Carl can see the environmental and practical benefits of the Softwash system, so he has even taken steps to ensure that his service can be utilised by all types of commercial and domestic clientele.

Softwash NQ is founded on strong company values. At the root of these values are communication and reliability. We operate under the motto of, ‘We will turn up when we say we will turn up. But if we can’t, we will call.’ We also have a strong integrity ethos and are not satisfied until our clients are entirely happy with our work.

All Softwash NQ staff get a kick out of seeing client reactions. That recognition of immediate difference is genuinely satisfying. Often a thorough clean, which removes years of built-up dirt and mould, can change the entire vibe of a home. And, sometimes, it can make a dollar value difference, whether it be the client gets a few more years out of their home without needing new paint, or it improves the market value of the home before sale. Whatever the motivation, the results are the same: true joy and appreciation for a job well done.

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Who do you work with?

Literally anyone within a 200km radius of Mackay. Softwash NQ can work 1-on-1 with a client through an agency such as NDIS or My Aged Care, or even real estate. We also service commercial and industrial clients. If you aren’t sure if Softwash NQ can help, give us a call.

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Top Problem Solved

Removal of the dreaded Mackay mould from a home’s full externals (building, fence and driveway). Some of the external walls had black mould. But we took care of it. It really did look brand new!

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The Surprising Problems Solved

I once had a client dob in a mate because he saw grass and trees growing out of the gutters. I dropped a card by and got the job. I always get a kick out of the neighbours or friends who dob others in.

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An example of our customer ethos

I might be at a home cleaning the external walls, and the customer asks if I can ‘give the driveways a quick clean too’ or the fence or the roof. I don’t mind these, and I will always oblige if I have time while I am there. But if not, I will book a time to get them done that same week if possible. And, then I just package the cost into a bundle for the client. This goes back to my customer satisfaction value.

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